Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fashionlistically Speaking:Brands Make you Crave Them

Crystal Caraway Illustration
I could not imagine living without my favorite consumer products. I think that I would be so determine to run out to the store and grab my faves, no matter what the conditions were. It could be a Zombie Apocalypse and I think you would find me running the isles looking for my favorite fashion and beauty products. It may sound crazy, I know but this is a true testimony as to how successful brands maintain excellent relationships with their customers.

Fashionlistically speaking, a zombie attack is the least of our worries. However, if strategic marketing and branding is in place, you are likely to be persuade to buy that product you love so much. Marketers have many methods as to how to obtain information about their core consumer. You would be surprised to know the lengths they go to, in efforts to better understand you. We all know the usual focus groups and surveys. However, did you know that marketers obtain information from items scanned at the register? You would never guess it but marketing researchers usually blend in and observe customer behaviors while shopping or dinning in a hotel. I find it interesting as to how much money is being consumed annually by brands to meet the needs and wants of consumer's like you and I.

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