Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Play on Fall Fashion

Illustrated by Crystal Caraway 
Are you a grunge girl? Or are you sticking to the color blocking trend? While most of us will stick to the basics, its a fun idea to add some of the latest trends. Me personally, I have plaid shirts from last fall that I never even wore. I think that I would do a take on the grunge trend. I won't go full on 90's with Dr. Martens, but I will add a hard soft approach to this trend. I love color blocking, black and white in particular. The look is so chic without trying. To top off my look I think I would add gold jewelry and a sleek ponytail. Theses are just some quick thoughts I will consider this fall. The great part about fashion is that a runway trend can easily be adapted for the masses. There fore, everyone can get their hands on a piece of the latest trends. So which trend will you be embracing?

1 comment:

  1. you are so talented, these drawing are beautiful!
    I think I will try the military style this fall, or the animal print.



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