Thursday, September 19, 2013

Color Me Wild: Pantone Spring 2014 Color Scheme

Have you been taken in the latest shows from London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week? You probably have noticed that there is a well established color scheme and mood for Spring 2014. For those who are not in the fashion industry we look to Fashion Week to gain an insight on what will hit the stores this spring. For the designer part of their design process is sourcing trends. Sure, a look or concept  might come to mind. However, the challenge for a successful designer is to take their inspiration and make it marketable to customers. Some of the ways designers anticipate different trends in color or design is through the use of trend forecasting agencies. One of the most well known is Pantone. Each season they reveal the upcoming color trends. Below is a video from Pantone that explains the mood behind Spring 2014 top colors. Happy Fashion Everyone!

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