Saturday, November 9, 2013

Barbie and JLO = DollFace

Jenifer Lopez the sexy business mogul has teamed up with the Mattel brand to produce two new dolls. The dolls entitled DollFace mirrored JLO's image, but there's is something missing? Her famous curves!! Barbie enthusiast can choose from Jenifer Lopez Red Carpet or Jenifer Lopez World Tour. The Barbies are priced at $29.00 and can be purchased in store or online. Question: How likely are you to spend almost $30 on a Barbie that is typically $10-12 bucks?Its a great move for Mattel to team up with JLO. From a marketing standpoint. The Hispanic community are one of the fastest growing markets and show no signs of stopping. Having  relatable  images of noted Hispanic celebrities displays a positive image for  young girls in the Hispanic community. In addition Mattel's brand image in the doll industry reflect positive attitudes and maintains their good reputation.



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