Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why It Gotta Be Plus Size ?

I love fashion and viewing fashion illustrations like the next person. I have been taught in school how to draw a traditional fashion figure, which is typically a rail thin figure that is nine heads tall. I recently did a Google search for plussize fashion illustrations and was surprised to find that there was a limited amount of sexy, chic and fashionable illustrations. As an illustrator and a curvy girl it is imperative that I see images in the media, fashion industry as well as in art that reflect me. Honestly I hate the term plus size. Why women clothing and other fashion related items can’t be targeted to women in general? I understand the marketing components behind it, however, let’s be real. We both are looking for fashionable trendy clothing, flock to the newsstands to keep up with the latest trends and spend our money in popular retail stores. Sure there have been some strides made this year to answer that call. We witness the first plus size fashion collection that showed during New York Fashion Week. In efforts to do my part I’m celebrating curves with my fashion illustrations. 

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! Plus size is a lot harder to draw then skinny rail people, but I like the results better.



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