Sunday, January 26, 2014

Personalize Your Jewlery with Chuck-Chucks

Our personal style is a part of our identity. As creatures of habit we are always looking for cool new ways to stand out. The lovely people at Chucks-Chucks got us covered. Chucks-Chucks is a Canada based accessory brand that specializes in interchangeable jewelry.

Designing a bracelet is super easy. Just simply select the color bracelet you want and the charms of your choice.  Personalizing my leather bracelet  was so much fun.  I went with the grey leather band. Chuck-Chucks offer a host of charms that range from cartoons, birthday, watches and flowers. In addition you can send personal pictures and art and they will turn it in to a charm. I wanted to give my bracelet a girly romantic feel so I selected chucks that were bejeweled and love themed. When my bracelet first arrived I couldn’t decide which charms to place on the bracelet first. I found myself playing with different ideas. My sisters even got in on the fun. Chuck-Chucks jewelry are extremely fun and personal. The look and feel is so chic! This bracelet can dress up your look for both day and night.  
 Like what you see and want one of your own? Well I got you covered.
1. Just head over to .
2. Enter promo code ccaraway1 at checkout and receive 50% off your order. 


  1. is lovely :)

  2. Hi Crystal: You have lovely drawings. One small little caution from the "teacher" in the house: as your blog develops, you might want to make sure you're not inadvertently turning your stories into ads. Think about the stories that your illustrations tell and about the stories that the styles and accessories evoke, not about discounts, companies, products, and so forth. Himanee

  3. that is such a great idea, never thought of that before! thank you for sharing and i am super glad you liked my diy :)



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