Sunday, March 2, 2014

She Does That: Art Challenge Day 1

For the next 28 days I will perform a 28 challenge. Each day I will draw an image and post it here on my blog. My goal is to use different mediums and strengthen my craft. My first image was done over the weekend. My sister wanted me to come up with a business card idea for her makeup services. I had an initial thumbnail and idea in my head but, procrastinated on the execution. Together we came up with the idea of a stylish city girl applying makeup with several name brand bags around her.


The process is as follows. I sketched and colored the image. Next, I scanned the image into my computer. I used Photoshop Elements to enhance the color, saturation scale, placement of the bags, text and taxi. The image overall took a day in a half to complete.


  1. I love this challenge, and wonderful artwork!

  2. These are really great. You draw them by hand?



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